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About us for Infygate advisory services
Infygate is an emerging firm in providing Governance Services, Information Technology Services like Oracle ERP Management Consulting, Business Intelligence Analytics, Testing Automation to both private and public organizations. Moreover, as a management Consulting / Advisory and Sourcing firm, we are an independent IT advisor, without any financial ties with the provider and vendor companies. As such, we are able to provide unbiased advice to our clients. Clients are of IT, Telecom & BPO, Healthcare & Life sciences, Banking & Insurance, Travel & Tourism (Transportation – Airlines & Airports), Retail & Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Energy and utilities.

Infygate offers a solution for managing vendor portfolios to create a simplified, structured, and cost-effective way to maximize sourcing value. We provide best practice processes, automation, and state-of-the-art technology to enable organizations to better manage relationships, improve alignment with business strategies and promote operational transparency. Implementation of our methodology and proven recommendations will significantly reduce the cost of governance. Infygate’s objective is to help our clients improve their maturity operating level to be best in class.

In today’s complex global business environment, managing contracts and supplier accountability is necessary for improving operational efficiency and realizing value. It is an increasingly risky endeavor with unprecedented vendor management challenges. Complex contracts and hybrid operating environments can, if not closely monitored, result in value leakage through a plethora of factors including inadequate governance, poor reporting, and communication breakdown. Our approach enables a quick, painless and systematic approach to identify exposures to value leakage in (your) outsourcing relationship(s).

Collectively these factors can result in firms losing between 30-60% of the desired value from their sourcing engagements.

To mitigate these value leakages, effective supplier governance should promote four key competencies: performance, financial, contractual, and relationship management. These competencies, or functions, are often collectively referred to as one the following: Vendor Management, Supplier Governance, or, when provided as services by an expert partner organization like Infygate, generally referred to as Managed Governance Services (MGS).

It is important for each organization to identify their governance needs, recognize the maturity of their capabilities and competencies, and the complexity of their supplier ecosystem. In this regard, governance advisors can help developing and operationalizing governance capabilities and competencies that are tuned to the intricacies of each organization’s dynamic supplier ecosystem.